Solutions That Transform
Machine Health Productivity

Customer Service

Everyone talks about their customer service. ProAxion takes a great deal of pride when our customers consider us to be one of their team. Working with our customers is a key component of our solutions approach. Our focus is helping you achieve positive business outcomes.

Our Focus at ProAxion

We’ve organized our operations around your success. We’re here to help you get started, plan expansions effectively, customize training for your team, or design programs around specific asset classes or your portfolio. Let us know where we can help.

24/7 Monitoring With Remote Alerts

Once you have installed the ProAxion products and software, your facility and priority assets will be monitored on a 24/7 basis. Regardless of when your machines run, and which shift is working, timely data will support informed decision making and your team can access and share their learning.

Expert Services On Call

Complementing our analytics and machine learning, your team can access our team to plan an effective course of action. Take advantage of the team of experts at ProAxion to prioritize your next focus area, address your specific machine health issue, assess alternative courses of action, or plan for future events like shut-downs or other milestone events.

Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions