Solutions that Transform
Plant Reliability

Driving Outcomes Through Data,
Insights and Collaboration

ProAxion will transform the way you think about machine health, leverage predictive technologies, and optimize the performance of your industrial assets. Our mission is singularly focused on driving business outcomes. That’s why we’ve created an integrated solution that combines best-in-class products with workflow and analytics software that enables your associates to better manage machine health. We back this up with experts working in a collaborative environment to ensure your team is armed to solve the problem and can call for assistance if they get stuck.

Our customers recognize that the ProAxion Difference stems from our deep industry expertise and focus on customer success, combined with a broad spectrum of insights and solutions accessible through a truly collaborative environment. We’ve created an affordable system that is easy to incorporate into your manufacturing footprint and will quickly become useful to your team. You can start with a small and focused effort, then economically scale as you learn to quickly leverage the strengths of ProAxion to prioritize the machines you wish to monitor. With confidence and results you will quickly realize the many benefits derived from a sophisticated program that delivers data, insights and solutions in a simple and effective way.