Solutions That Transform
Machine Health Productivity

Collaborate Anywhere

Data and analytics are the backbone of informed decisions, but we believe they aren’t the whole story. With today’s manufacturing variety and complexity there are times when you need to quickly bring a pro to the plant. ProAxion provides integrated collaboration and workflow tools to ensure your team can leverage your resources wherever they are. A diverse group that includes experienced peers at other plants, your corporate resources, the ProAxion team of industry experts, or a trusted service provider, can all quickly contribute to your success if you need them. No one has all the answers, so we’ve worked to ensure you can bring your pros to the plant to get the job done right. We are there as soon as you need us.

Collaboration is the Difference

While other companies provide your team with data only, we believe the path to success is found in acting on that data. Our team of experts is available to help your team with a variety of analytical actions including interpretation or detailed analysis, sharing relevant industry data specific to your situation, help craft a solution, or confirm the issue has been addressed.

Timely Problem Solving

Gather real time insights and develop action plans to remedy machine health issues quickly throughout your organization. Leverage our ticket and workflow tools to ensure issues get addressed and resolved, creating confidence that issues don’t get missed because of competing demands on your time. Capture your success on the machine to support future resolution effectiveness and spur learning by newer team members.

Access a Team of Experts

Improve decision making by accessing internal experts as well as the ProAxion team, who will share their industry and asset experiences. This will further increase the overall understanding and capability of the team to drive solutions. You’re not alone, so don’t stay stumped on a complicated issue. Call a friend!

Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions