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Petrochemical & Chemical

The petrochemical and chemical industry is not only complex, but it is currently in a state of transition. The US has recently emerged as a leader in the industry and many companies are busy vying for market share. In this environment, innovative companies are looking for ways to increase production uptime and asset performance. In a volatile market where cost containment is essential, a seamless machine health solution can lead to better management of maintenance activities.

Highly Integrated

Many of the manufacturing processes are highly integrated, leaving very little room for equipment breakdown. It’s essential to have the entire system working at full capability and understand where operational and machine risk is in the system.

Intermittent Use

While many processes in this industry are continuous, some specialized machines in areas like storage and mixing are intermittent use, making it hard to reliably time manual machine validation efforts. Continuous monitoring to assess machine health when machines are in operation is key to successfully diagnosing early stage issues and maintaining a high level of productivity.


Safety is always a priority in manufacturing, but especially in this industry where product volatility and toxicity are major risks to manage. With effective remote monitoring you can identify early stage machine issues and validate effective remediation when maintenance is complete. This will help reduce unnecessary exposure risk to employees and subcontractors.

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